New Boiler / Old System

New Boiler on an Old System Case Study

Need a new boiler but don’t need to update radiators

We are often called in to update a new boiler system with radiators that are in good condition and don’t necessarily need replacing. This was the situation with this case study story.

The boiler was fitted in a morning and on every boiler update on an old system we add a ‘dirt separator’. In this instance we used the ‘spirotrap MB3′ brand. The unit delivers a simple yet effective way to remove all types of dirt, debris and sludge from a domestic heating system. This is essential as the ‘old’ part of the system that isn’t being replaced would have an element of dirt within it. By adding the ‘spirotrap MB3′ ensures that the warranty on the boiler is protected and prolongs the life of the boiler. We also added a de scaler that ¬†helps to look after the new boiler system, especially in the hard water area of Hadleigh.

The work was carried out in a day and the client was very happy as they could then get on with decorating their home ready to move in on time.


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