Elderly Adaptation Case Study

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Elderly Bathroom Adaptation Case Study

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We believe that excellent customer care is a crucial part of any business. We have found that if the customer gets the service they desire then they will keep coming back to get further works done. In the last twelve months we have had a number of customers for whom we have installed central heating systems ask us to quote for additional works such as kitchens and bathrooms. All of these quotes have been successful and the works have been carried out.

Two of these were walk-in wet floor installations for elderly customers who struggled to get in and out of their existing bathrooms. All of the customers we have done work for have asked if we could do all the required works from start to finish, including all decorations, of which we always reply ‘this is what we do best, to product manage a job from start to finish’. Once the installation is finished as part of our customer care we always ensure the customer is completely happy with all of the works.

We usually ask how we compared price wise and often get the reply ‘We were more than happy with the excellent quality, advice and care you have shown towards us and our home. We always wanted your company to come back again to carry out the works’.


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