Honeywell Heating Controls

Lyric T6 Series programmable thermostat

Engineered for comfort

Lyric T6

Seamless control for you and your customersThe Lyric T6 offers customers a host of features to fit their lifestyle, whilst simplifying the installation and set-up process for installers.

One thermostat, multiple solutionsThe Lyric T6 is available in both wired and wireless models, providing installers with a choice of installation or upgrade solutions.

Engineered for the futureThe Lyric app gives customers complete control over their home heating system wherever they are.

Smart is getting smarterLocation-based temperature control (geo-fencing) technology takes smart control to the next level, creating an additional automated layer of control. Add this to the in-built TPI, optimisation and OpenTherm features and the Lyric T6 is a really smart device.


Why the Lyric T6?


Engineered for the installer

The Lyric T6 is compatible with multiple systems and utilises existing wiring. The wireless receiver box has also been designed for easy access and installation.


Easy installation

Set-up completion is easy via smartphone or tablet and no extra equipment is needed to connect to the customer’s home network.


The ultimate

Location-based temperature control (geofencing) takes smart control to the next level, adjusting a customer’s home heating based on their location.


Smart home ready

Honeywell are partnering with companies such as Apple and Samsung to ensure our products talk to those available within other home automation platforms.


One thermostat, multiple solutions

Available in both wired and wireless models with a choice of upgrades.


Engineered for the future

From easy scheduling through to automated synchronisation between app and device, the Lyric app gives customers complete control of their heating system wherever they are.